Trek of the Titans (1 x 60)

The leatherback turtle is a magnificent creature found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. This ancient species swam with the dinosaurs and travels further, swims faster, and dives deeper than any other reptile on the planet. Until recently they were thought to be a tropical species but Canadian scientist Dr. Mike James has revealed a much different reality.

Every summer hundreds of leatherbacks migrate from their nesting grounds in the Caribbean to the cold waters off the East Coast of Canada to feast on jellyfish. This remarkable journey is fraught with a number of man-made hazards putting this endangered species at greater risk. Trek of the Titans is a one-hour documentary that provides a rare glimpse into the world of leatherback turtles and reveals the ground-breaking research and preservation work being done in Canada and Trinidad.

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Behind the scenes with filmmakers Teresa MacInnes and Kent Nason.