Radical Age

Fierce and fit, 60-year-old Neal “The Dude” Unger tests his limits on the skateboard. At 4 feet 11 inches, 70 year-old Ann Perez de Tejada is the world’s oldest female mixed martial arts fighter.  84 year-old Helen Lambin got her first tattoo at the age of 75; now she is running out of room for more. 86 year-old James “Gypsy” Haake is the world’s oldest working drag queen. Four decades into Zillah Minx’s singing career she is still raging against the machine with her punk band Rubella Ballet and Stephen Leafloor aka “Buddha” is turning his decades-long passion for hip-hop into a powerful tool for change.

These are people we meet in Radical Age, a documentary that follows six people proving it’s never too late to defy convention.

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