A TV Renaissance (1 x 60)

A TV Renaissance is a one-hour documentary that explores the rise of TV as the most influential medium of the 20th century and how it's helped to shape our national identity. The film will reveal how hit TV shows are created and explore the challenges that lie ahead as the TV business goes head-to-head with online competitors like Netflix. Viewers will go behind the scenes at TV industry events in Cannes and LA for an up-close look at the highly competitive business of buying American TV shows and the huge financial gamble of trying to pick the next big hit.

A TV Renaissance will reveal the success of Canadian-produced TV series both internationally and online and we'll hear from the creators of hit shows The Republic of Doyle and Trailer Park Boys to

learn how they've managed to thrive in the hyper-competitive TV landscape.

Watch here link: http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/episodes/a-tv-renaissance