Jason is an 11-year-old drag queen living in the middle of America’s Bible Belt. 9-year-old Nemis, aka Queen Lactatia, self-identifies as the “Diva-est diva you could ever think of.” 11-year-old Bracken is charting her own course in the once male-only world of drag queens, and 8-year-old Stephan is defying bullies with his alter-ego Laddy GaGa.

Drag Kids is an intimate journey into the lives of four child drag queens from around the world. Stephan, Jason, Bracken and Nemis have never met, but they’re united by a shared passion for drag, and they’re about to come together for the first time – to perform Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ at the world-famous Montreal Pride Festival. As they prepare for the big show, each faces their own unique challenges, as well as challenges they have in common - deep feelings of isolation (most have ever met another ‘drag kid’ before) and the struggle of trying to claim a place of your own on the fringes of a fringe culture.

Available in the US December 24 2019!

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