Santa Quest Winter Games (iPhone/iPad App)

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, it’s CHRISTMAS…and John Dunsworth is coming to town, a real Claus for Celebration! In this wintry white-out all the Santas have emerged as a red-suited force to be reckoned with. Join them in the frosty fun by eating porridge better than the world’s top Santa, riding mechanical reindeer and pushing sleds with the best Saint Nicks of all! Santa Quest pits competitors in an entertaining and engaging contest to see who is the jolliest Saint Nick look-alike. With six games to challenge your friends in a flurry of fun, this app has it all! Even for that person who has it all - naughty or nice - this game will be sure to entertain! 

The Santa Quest Winter Games app is currently available for iPhone and iPad, and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store.